Kultur und Informatik: Mixed Reality

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Carsten Busch, Christian Kassung, Jürgen Sieck (Hrsg.):

Kultur und Informatik: Mixed Reality

Tagung, 18./19. Mai 2017, Berlin, Bode-Museum

Mai 2017, Hardcover, Fadenheft./Leseb., 312 S., zahlr. Abb. (S/W)

Tagungsband, ISBN 978-3-86488-119-0, 29,80 € (D),  30,64 € (A), 35,80 CHF


The central questions of the conference “Culture and Computer Science 2017 – Mixed Reality” include the analysis, design, use, advantages, as well as challenges of hybrid objects. In this context, museums are not only static memory spaces for material objects plus some selected and hence also static knowledge. The key challenge for tomorrow’s museums rather is to create flexible constellations between collections, research facilities, museums and exhibition spaces, in which objects are modelled as hybrid, (inter-)active structures in order to circulate them, to aggregate and to evaluate the resulting data.

Within this conference volume, the implementation of hybrid objects in mixed reality environments is explored and the theoretical fundamentals and best practice examples of their strengths, weaknesses and innovative content are discussed. It addresses professionals working within cultural and creative industries, communication and cultural scientists, designers, artists as well as computer scientists and engineers, who conduct research and development on cultural topics.

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