Kultur und Informatik: Hybrid Systems

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Carsten Busch, Christian Kassung, Jürgen Sieck (Hrsg.):

Kultur und Informatik: Hybrid Systems

Tagung, 24./25. Mai 2018, Berlin, Schloss Köpenick

Mai 2018, Hardcover, Fadenheft./Leseb., 268 S., zahlr. Abb. (S/W)

Tagungsband, Beiträge Englisch

ISBN 978-3-86488-128-2, 28,50 € (D), 29,30 € (A), 34,80 CHF


Hybrid systems, their analysis, use, design, their advantages and their critical moments are the focus of the 16th edition of the “Culture and Computer Science” 2018 conference.
The contributions collected in this volume represent multifaceted approaches towards hybrid information processing strategies. The reader will find an extensive overview of best practice applications of information management, communication, interaction, visualisation, mixed, augmented and virtual reality, audio technology, multimedia, streaming and data processing, and design within a specific cultural context.
This volume addresses cultural policy makers, employees of cultural and creative industries, communication scientists, cultural and artistic actors as well as computer scientists and engineers, who conduct research and development on cultural topics.

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