Kultur und Informatik: Extended Reality

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Johann Habakuk Israel, Christian Kassung, Jürgen Sieck (Hrsg.):

Kultur und Informatik: Extended Reality

Tagung, Mai 2020, Berlin
Corona-bedingt ausgefallen, der Tagungsband ist dennoch erschienen und liegt hiermit vor!

Juli 2020, Hardcover, Fadenheft./Leseb., 308 S., zahlr. Abb. (S/W), teilweise mit AR-Funktionalität

Tagungsband, Beiträge Englisch

ISBN 978-3-86488-169-5, 29,80 € (D), 30,64 € (A), 35,80 CHF


Extended Reality (XR) is omnipresent and will become even more important in the future. Therefore, XR was the main topic of the conference “Culture and Computer Science 2020”.
XR encompasses augmented, mixed and virtual reality as well as all intermediate forms. In the articles in this book, many theoretical aspects are discussed and best practice examples from art and culture are presented.
Extended Reality (XR) is characterised by a significant degree of interdisciplinarity. The entanglement between the real world and computer-generated data cuts across and expands far beyond disciplines such as human-computer interaction (HCI), computer graphics (CG), sensor systems, machine-to-machine communication, cultural science and design.

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