Information between Data and Knowledge

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Information between Data and Knowledge

Information Science and its Neighbors from Data Science to Digital Humanities

hrsg. von Thomas Schmidt und Christian Wolff


Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium of Information Science (ISI 2021)

Regensburg, Germany, 8th—10th March 2021

(Schriften zur Informationswissenschaft; Bd. 74)


März 2021, Paperback, 468 S., teilw. farb. Abb.

ISBN 978-3-86488-172-5, 32,80 € (D), 33,80 € (A), 39,80 CHF


Digital humanities as well as data science as neighboring fields pose new challenges and opportunities for information science. The recent focus on data in the context of big data and deep learning brings along new tasks for information scientist for example in research data management. At the same time, information behavior changes in the light of the increasing digital availability of information in academia as well as in everyday life.

In this volume, contributions from various fields like information behavior and information literacy, information retrieval, digital humanities, knowledge representation, emerging technologies, and information infrastructure showcase the development of information science research in recent years.
Topics as diverse as social media analytics, fake news on Facebook, collaborative search practices, open educational resources or recent developments in research data management are some of the highlights of this volume.

For more than 30 years, the International Symposium of Information Science has been the venue for bringing together information scientists from the German speaking countries. In addition to the regular scientific contributions, six of the best competitors for the prize for the best information science master thesis present their work.

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